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Release Date: 2nd December 2002

‘Full Ahead Both’ for Hanwell and Sam International!

Hanwell Instruments Ltd, the UK’s independent leader in instrumentation solutions, and SAM International, by far the most experienced international marine sales organisation, have united to form one of the best partnerships in the marine industry today.
This alliance ensures the amalgamation of specialist knowledge from both parties, with Hanwell manufacturing precision instrumentation for extreme marine situations and SAM International exhibiting the systems to clients. In this way the industry experience of both organisations form a very special union, able to identify client requirements from the outset, and respond immediately with bespoke solutions.
Derek Richardson, General Manager (Hanwell) stated; ‘We have long sought a promotional avenue with personnel able to explain exactly what we can achieve for customers in a marine environment. Our new range of products are so revolutionary and we are delighted to have the vast experience that SAM International can bring. The possibilities for our instrumentation are now boundless.

John McMahon, Sales and Marketing Manager (SAM International) stated: ‘It is unusual to have such a depth of skills focussed in one direction. The unrivalled instrumentation Hanwell produces, including wireless systems, will transform the way marine engineers work and we are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside the best.

Hanwell Instruments Limited, established in 1990, has gained ISO9001:2000 certification, serving to demonstrate their commitment to achieving the best possible methods of information accuracy.

SAM International is a privately owned company, established in the UK, with a combined experience of 50 years in the marine industry.

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Hanwell Instruments Limited 
Hanwell Instruments Limited - established in 1990 by university research scientists, under the leadership of Dr Martin Hancock, with the aim of fully integrating high quality instrumentation with emergent low power radio and data logging technologies. Careful attention to sensor and software design have helped Hanwell to many 'firsts' with innovative procedures and products, now the UK’s principal data acquisition company with offices throughout Europe and America. Hanwell has secured an enviable reputation, with both off-the shelf products and bespoke design and installation services available for any industrial or marine project. 
April 2002 – accredited with the Lloyds ISO9000:2000 certificate for quality assurance. This is of particular importance to the data acquisition market as only a small number of instrumentation companies have been able to achieve this.

Contact: Derek Richardson
Hanwell Instruments Limited
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Sam International
SAM International was established to provide customers with a full spectrum of premium marine and power generation instrumentation. Demonstrating over 50 years experience as specialist suppliers to shipbuilding, offshore projects and heavy industry developments world-wide, Sam International has developed the best knowledge-base and impeccable client references, enabling customers to choose products with complete confidence.

John McMahon
SAM International
Woodlands House
9 Spring Close
Essex CO4 9TN

T#: +44 (0)1206 224341
E: sales@sam-international.co.uk
W: www.sam-international.co.uk.



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