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Release Date: 15th May 2002

Hanwell reaps Lloyds ISO9001 rewards

Leading data acquisition manufacturer, Hanwell Instruments Ltd, has pushed the frontiers of data logging systems to new limits with their innovative radio telemetry systems, now achieving the Lloyds ISO9001:2000 certificate for quality assurance.

The company has spent over 10 years in the design and construction of precise measurement systems in all aspects of temperature, humidity, pressure, particle counts and so forth. What sets Hanwell apart from its competitors is the unequalled, real time, radio telemetry capabilities, able to interpret and decode data from any location. Their systems have been installed in pharmaceutical research establishments, water treatment plants, food processing facilities, oil refineries, aerospace manufacturers and museums.

General Manager Derek Richardson said: ‘We are absolutely delighted to have attained the Lloyds accreditation. It has been a real team effort over 10 years of painstaking work in order to deliver the best in data acquisition systems world-wide and this is true recognition of our endeavour. The data we decode from our sensors via our software means that medication, engineering, food and the environment, to name but a few, are as safe as they can possibly be. We have entered the US market where quantitative information is critical in all fields of industry and the ISO9001:2000 firmly establishes Hanwell’s export capability as an excellent boon to the UK.’

Hanwell is committed to achieving the best possible methods of information accuracy, improving corporate direction, dependability and growth. The application of knowledge about living organisms and their components, to industrial products and processes, is dependent upon finite detail that can be fully verified at any time. The need for such precision is fundamental to the pharmaceutical domain where procedural controls and corrective measures have a consequential effect on product quality and data integrity. The company expects to win new business because systems can be produced quickly to meet the most rigorous demands, at the best price/performance ratio.


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