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Release Date: 23rd October 2002


Hanwell Instruments Limited, designers and manufacturers of wireless and networked data acquisition instruments to the pharmaceutical industry world-wide, are now able to acquire humidity accuracy of +/- 1% with a miniature logger, an extraordinary breakthrough for this arena.

The 'Hornet' utilises a capacitive polymer sensor for critical accuracy and, this, combined with the validated software specifically designed by Hanwell, serves to provide pharmaceutical and research establishments with unprecedented assurance in consistency of data.

Derek Richardson, General Manager, stated: 'It has taken several years to validate the integrity of humidity data in such a small instrument, but we are now in a position to verify all of our critical methodology. There are many areas of enterprise that require further longevity of products at the qualification criteria, in order to minimise recalls and, in turn, maximise gains. We have taken on board the FDA’s earlier reservations with regard to quality problems in medical devices and we now possess qualified systems for pharmaceutical applications, installed with absolute confidence in their data.'

All systems are designed in-house to safeguard consistency of ongoing and retrospective validation procedures, quality controls, inventory management and system performance qualification. This ensures compliance to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations where they can provide objective evidence that all specified requirements have been met.

Hanwell Instruments Limited is an ISO9001:2000 certified organisation.


Hanwell Instruments Limited 
Hanwell Instruments Limited - established in 1990 by university research scientists, under the leadership of Dr Martin Hancock, with the aim of fully integrating high quality instrumentation with emergent low power radio and data logging technologies. Careful attention to sensor and software design have helped Hanwell to many 'firsts' with innovative procedures and products, now the UK’s principal data acquisition company with offices throughout Europe and America. Hanwell has secured an enviable reputation, with both off-the shelf products and bespoke design and installation services available for any industrial or marine project. 
April 2002 – accredited with the Lloyds ISO9000:2000 certificate for quality assurance. This is of particular importance to the data acquisition market as only a small number of instrumentation companies have been able to achieve this.

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