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Release Date: 22nd April 2002

Hanwell and Seaworthy announce partnership to develop new wireless data acquisition demands.

Datanet+™ is First Result of New Alliance

Monday 22nd April, 2002 - Hanwell Instruments Limited (UK) premier manufacturer of advanced industrial data acquisition systems, and Seaworthy Systems, Inc., world leader in marine engineering today announced a strategic alliance to implement Datanet+™ system into the Pharmacutical, Food and Chemical processing and Water treatment industries throughout USA. Datanet+™ uses radical wireless technology to enable real time data procurement from any location, providing critical information away from the most extreme or sensitive situations.

Datanet+™ is a completely new concept in the management and control of data acquisition, offering a seamless integration of standalone dataloggers, radio telemetry and wired bus systems. The datanet+ topology utilises the concept of acquisition nodes. Each acquisition node can range in complexity from a single channel stand-alone datalogger, through 2-channel battery powered radio telemetry transmitters, onto complex multi-channel systems. In order to provide maximum flexibility, a wide range of communication options are available for data recovery. Datanet+ PC decoding software ensures a uniform presentation of the data, regardless of the combination of options selected.

Under the alliance, Hanwell and Seaworthy will actively seek diverse markets with the world’s foremost organisations. In September of 2001, Seaworthy announced the successful amalgamation of manufacturing representatives throughout North America and has created outstanding distribution networks and VAR programs in a short space of time. The combination of companies will signify the most extensive data solutions administration in North America. Customers will have one stop access to wireless data management applications and interpretative software for all enterprises. Hanwell has made a technological leap forward by bringing together the best in this field of electronics to deliver Datanet+ to market. The cost savings to industry are immense as absolutely no wiring takes place. Sensor readings are distinctly accurate wherever sited and signal output is the most powerful, negating the purchase of a multitude of transmitters where Hanwell-Seaworthy may position only two.

'The alliance is a significant opportunity and a perfect fit for Seaworthy', stated Bob Murphy, Director of Sales & Marketing of Seaworthy. 'The two companies have the same origin and the same purpose. This relationship provides the highest quality wireless design and installation procedures for all data acquisition procedures. Hanwell is widely known to possess the best in data acquisition available anywhere and has been accredited with ISO9000:2000 in recognition of their quality assurance. Our delivery mechanism is already in place where customers will have a seamless ordering and installation system for all of North America. Companies will also be able to test and purchase on a regional basis. Since the companies have such similar operations, we will be able to utilise the assets of both more effectively and provide efficiencies and better data solutions for our customers.'

The first Datanet+ applications are already being installed into US Pharmaceutical and Food & Chemical processing facilities. Other US applications currently being explored or developed for Datanet+ data acquisition modules include the environment, agriculture and transport.


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About Seaworthy
Seaworthy Systems, Inc.

Description: Seaworthy Systems provides a full spectrum of cost-effective engineering and management-oriented operational support services at sea and ashore, as well as project management, software development and turnkey systems services in the areas of cost-effective modernisation and construction of special purpose vessels. In land based industries they work in power production and pollution reduction applications. Their site provides a general mission statement and company profile as well as a comprehensive listing of services offered. They also have contact information and client references.
Principal Categories: Specific Categories:

• Design Resources
• Design Resources
• Maritime Operations

• CAD/CAM, Simulation and Software Resources
• Marine Engineers
• Consultants

Seaworthy is staffed by engineering and management professionals with an extensive range of experience, education and training. They are supported by a group of highly competent computer, financial and administrative specialists. In addition, we maintain working professional relationships with others having industry-recognised expertise who can be called on to supplement our own capabilities. The majority of our staff are licensed engineers. In addition, many of these individuals have completed advanced technical training programs, post-graduate courses and/or hold advanced degrees. Our computerised maintenance system engineers have hands-on machinery operating and maintenance experience as well.

May, 1999 — Seaworthy has received certification to the International Quality Management System ISO 9001 standard, from ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc., according to Seaworthy’s president, David A. O'Neil.

Seaworthy, a marine engineering, naval architecture and industrial power systems consulting engineering firm, with offices in Essex, CT, Washington DC, Philadelphia and San Francisco, is one of very few marine oriented engineering consulting companies in the U.S. to receive ISO 9001 certification.



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