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Hanwell Instruments Ltd, in the united Kingdom, was established in 1990, headed by Dr Martin Hancock, to commercially exploit instrumentation techniques developed in a university research environment.

Operating throughout Europe, America and now Russia, our team of specialist designers have developed a comprehensive range of data acquisition and control solutions for a wide variety of high profile clients. Many of these designs have exploited our unrivalled expertise in radio telemetry to provide totally flexible systems

We pride ourselves in our ability to accurately interpret customer requirements and so provide a total solution to real world instrumentation problems. Our philosophy of keeping all design and manufacturing in house enables us to rapidly respond to ever-changing requirements, particularly those driven by legislation.

In order to support the professional user in meeting their obligations we offer direct communications with our design team, who will ensure that all appropriate product documentation and calibration methodology is supplied with any module or system selected.

The Hanwell range of data acquisition products have evolved to provide superior, reliable technology which is now integrated into the datanet+ family, resulting in a comprehensive, modular data acquisition system with an unbeatable price/performance ratio.


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